8 thoughts on “Hey would-be author: What, exactly, are you saving those words for?

  1. There are so many ideas and not enough time to write them all, though I do try 😉 I have a box that I put notes in whenever I come up with another idea and don’t have time to really explore it. Periodically, I go through the box and find things that I didn’t even remember writing and I get as excited about the “new” idea as I probably was the day I wrote it. Funny, I was just mentioning to another friend that I had too many projects simmering on the back burners and not enough time to stir them all. 🙂 Some are pretty close to being done, so that’s a plus. But, I think I need more burners 🙂 Every project is an adventure!!

    • I mentally picture a long, clean, wide, serene hallway with many doors. And then I compartmentalize. The only thing is, sometimes stuff behind the doors leaks out, or you can smell it, or it sneaks into the hall when you least expect it. That’s what creates the chaos, but it’s also part of the adventure. It sounds like you are as grateful as I am to have too many ideas. Wouldn’t it be sad to have none at all?

  2. My dog operates a ‘no fly zone’ in the garden…..which is particularly contentious when I’m trying to invite birds in with native planting and bird feeders and a single butterfly can seriously disrupt an otherwise enjoyable afternoon out there. She is also a barker (I’ve got a zap collar for that but can’t bare to use it on her!) – it’s not the best environment to be writing in but at some point she will probably feature in her own ‘Domino Disaster’ post on my blog…..so I guess inspiration can come from anywhere?! I started my blog because I had writers block in the middle of this semester at Uni – I found that writing something, anything got me going again even if it wasn’t anything to do with my assignments! I love your blog and can’t wait to read more of how you develop your ideas for writing.

  3. No more importance can exist than the judgment of our piers the good and the lesser. The public remains so fickle it often discourages our creativity.
    I wrote and edited a monthly editorial including a question and answer service for years in a National trade publication.. The rewards that remained lacking far out weighted my attempt to inform the world as I knew it. Often a rude awakining . I have a lot of respect for those who feel success greater than the job to fill a space. Good luck to you and your desires. We all do what we have to do, our condition demands it .

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