How to Master the Art of the Selfie? Practice, Practice, Practice …


The “cheese!” really does stand alone when it comes to the ubiquitous selfie which after being named the top-trending word of 2013 officially enters the dictionary in 2014. Although in my opinion way too many selfies are still taken in bathrooms, the days of having to stand in front of the aptly named vanity mirror to capture your own image are over; phones and tablets put you in front of the lens whenever the device is in your hands. Obtaining a becoming shot remains a challenge, one that’s reportedly boosted the plastic-surgery market.

Focus, shoot and click and you’ll see why: It really is that easy to take a spectacularly unattractive photo of yourself, wattles, wrinkles, nose hairs, blemishes and all. Just look at me. It’s probably a good thing that my fingers typically get in the way of a full (frightening) facial. A study on who’s taking selfies reveals to no older woman’s surprise that the ego-fest ends after age 40 while men over 40, bless their carefree souls, continue to post selfies on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Selfies are a way of life for many millennials and as long as they don’t become addicted to the practice, I say click away. Wiser heads can always offer gentle counsel, as my godmother did to a grandchild wearing a little too much make-up in a pose a little too provocative. “Looks out of focus to me,” she blandly posted in the comments section. htttp://

Most of young ones I know are casual selfie takers. They aren’t drama queens like those chicks in the bathroom in that #SELFIE song by the Chainsmokers:

It’s not all about the narcissism. Really. Research shows that profiles, social-media posts and other personal or professional outreach tools get more views if there’s a picture. So when there’s no one around to capture the moment – or everyone wants to be in the shot – selfies and/or self-timers can be a godsend. Practice makes perfect. Here are a few Great Selfie Tips:

And if you want to learn “How to Take a Selfie like a Supermodel” check out this ‘W’ video:

And finally, applause for the most Unselfish Selfie: Hail Alex Chacon, who documented his remarkable 600-days-600-countries odyssey employing a camera-on-a-stick method before the phrase “selfie” was coined.

What’s your most helpful selfie tip? Feel free to tell – and show.

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