It was in the (tarot) cards

There are those who fear tarot cards as harbingers of dark energy. Others write them off as nonsense. I’m having fun with my daily draw, using the legitimate excuse that it’s part of the research for my next novel.

I think tarot reader-psychic Jewel Edwards of Portland has it just right when she calls tarot card readings “simply a tool for receiving messages from other dimensions – difficulties seen are able to be addressed in a preventative way.” (

I have my own cards, a starter deck my mother gave me, but also refer to Tarot websites. This morning I clicked on one of my favorites, Tarot Verbatim, just to see what expert Emily’s daily stream-of-consciousness three-card pull revealed for the general audience. You can go to the Monday, Oct. 13, 2014 copyrighted site for the exact cards and phrasing, but the gist of it is all about a good man setting the tone for the day.

As it turned out, a few good men blessed my life today:
1) My husband, who ensured that replacing our furnace (it died over the weekend) went smoothly.
2) Aaron, the strong, kind, cheerful and competent installer from Aire Care.
3) And the most obvious “good man” in my life today, as clear as the nameplate on the new furnace. It’s a Goodman brand.

In addition to Emily’s easy-to-use site, here are a few more fun and educational Tarot resources:

Keen: Look up cards by name for meanings, numerical connections and context to other cards:

Tarot Divination: Bill Heidrick provides fascinating information on the relationships of cards separately and together. Want to know what a Hermit followed by a Hanged Man means? This is your go-to.

Truly Teach Me Tarot is another good site if you’re just getting started:

I planned for one of the characters in my upcoming metaphysical marine adventure “Yoga For Smokers” to be a tarot reader. What’s instead inspiring me is how specific cards indicate who each character in the

Not every spread is as direct as my Monday, Oct. 13

Not every spread is as direct as my Monday, Oct. 13 “Good Man” draw. This pull is from late August.

This celebratory trio is in my next novel.

This celebratory trio is in my next novel.

novel is and what’s at stake for them. For example the trio of women toasting each other on the Three of Wands card: What are they celebrating and what did they have to do to accomplish their mission?

Tarot may also spill into real life, from sharp-tongued mothers-in-law (Queen of Swords) to should we buy the boat? (the Fool said no). I don’t base every movement in my life on the daily draw, but I do treasure the wisdom, insight and creativity I’m gaining from the act of interpretation.

I like how tarot expert and educator Mary K. Greer expresses it: “Tarot helps you meet whatever comes in the best possible way.” (
Have you ever used Tarot cards? Did you find them fun or useful? Which Tarot card are you (I’m Temperance)?

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