Research is the Sh*t

Some writers find research tedious. Not me. And not author KC Mead-Brewer. She serves up some tasty links, from a modern-witch reference book to the national park service website, for those of us who love to wallow in knowledge.

Writing Reconsidered

I don’t know about other writers, but one of my most favorite parts of the job is getting to constantly research into new topics.

For my first novel, a work of near-future scifi starring a pair of women scientists (married), I learned a ton about childbirth, pregnancy, reproductive history, trends in reproductive practices and technology (I even got hold of a placenta cookbook!), as well as about everything from Tibetan goddesses to classic Mexican ghost stories to various ways someone might survive a lightning strike.

For my current novel-in-progress, another near-future scifi work that focuses on a pair of women scientists (this time a pair of sisters), I’m getting to delve into the wild worlds of microbiology (I always knew those years of microscopy camp would come in handy!), astrobiology, entomology, astronomy, astrology, witchcraft — needless to say, I’m just picking up breadcrumbs as I go along this trail, I’m not actually expecting to be…

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