Vintage children’s book fetching top dollar

From a quirky moose’s first “Howdy Do!” to a baby-mommy mouse reunion finale, Ellen Raskin’s 1974 classic “Moose, Goose and Little Nobody” enthralled my kids, inciting true belly chuckles and countless read-it-again requests. I never minded repeat performances because Raskin’s clever, rhythmic riffs form a cadence as pleasurable to the reader as the listener. Like Seuss, Scarry and Sendak, it meets my “rocking chair” standard for the perfect children’s book: layered with so many interesting levels that it’s suitable for all ages from newborn to grandparent.

It was the first book I thought of when shopping for a friend’s baby shower. My jaw dropped when I saw the asking price of $45 to $100 for a new copy. Used versions are going for what I’d expected to pay for a new volume.

I stashed our copy of “Moose, Goose and Little Nobody,” a Weekly Reader Book Club Selection, decades ago, along with a few other favorites from diaper-changing days in the House of Perkins.

What are your favorite children’s books? Any off-beat choices you can suggest would be appreciated. I’m still shopping for something excellent yet lesser known for my friend, who’s likely to get more than one copy of “Good Night Moon” and “Cat in the Hat.”

2 thoughts on “Vintage children’s book fetching top dollar

  1. Like you, I am filled with fun memories when looking through Children’s books and remembering all the Golden Books you all used at nap time. Happy Hunting for the right fit!!

    • I still have the Rand McNally Book “The Smart Little Mouse,” by Earl Sherwan, illustrated by Katherine L. Phillips, that Grandma Bo frequently read to me. I think she liked it more than I did, because the fox that the mouse had to hide from was scary! Scott’s childhood book on our shelf is “The Littlest Angel,” by Charles Tazewell, illustrated by Katherine Evans. The title page is inscribed ” To Scotty Perkins, Second Christmas, Love Dad.” It’s the only childhood memento he has from his father. Sweet!

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