Cut to the Chase: Novel Coming Out June 28

For everyone wondering, we’ve got a firm release date for More Than You Think You Know. June 28—right around your birthday, mom! At the end of June, you’ll be able to order my book on Amazon, Smashwords, and find it wherever great books are sold, including bookstores, gift shops, summer festivals—and my high school reunion (yes, Golden Eagles, we’re gonna have us a party!!!).

Beating Windward Press takes us through all the cover reveal and book release details in the latest blog—my favorite part is Denise Maronen’s explanation of why the cover we chose is so perfect for More Than You Think You Know.

Denise and my Towanda Sisterhood of The Traveling Manuscript beta readers actually gave me some ideas for the cover early on.

Email to my publisher:

Hi Matt,

I talked to one of my Ya Ya Sisters of the Traveling Manuscript tonight and as we were hanging up asked what she sees on the cover of More Than You Think You Know. Here’s what she said:

” ‘I’m on my way.’ Shadow of a woman on the bow with binoculars. Long skirt flowing. With binoculars on the bow, morning mist, maybe it’s sunrise, she’s going on into the water. Forest on either side of the water. It’s a river. Heading into water. As clear as day. But there’s a mist. Maybe it’s a sunset. But probably a sunrise.”

I offer this imagery because it’s similar to the image I keep seeing with binoculars somehow in it. Maybe just binoculars? Also, there’s this Kindle page I’ve been staring at for a long time. Long before I met you.  That’s what my reader’s imagery reminds me of, this Kindle woman with a telescope.    

Cover image inspiration

Just goes to show you, book cover inspiration is everywhere. 


Denise, you got your mist! And oh, that fish camp. I love that so many of you loved it.

Fish CampThe place that fired my imagination is long gone. Year after year, there it stood on the shore of the Tenn-Saw River cutoff, 12.2 nautical miles from Mobile. Then one year, gone. Even the dock. I almost wondered if I’d imagined it all along.

I am so grateful I was able to photograph the fish camp, and that designer Arliana Oráa worked with some of the images I took over the years, although that didn’t turn out to be the final option. As consolation, she gave me the binoculars I crave on the hand-drawn title page. My character Hailey is forever looking through the binoculars. Ahead and behind. Because he’s coming. She knows it.

Much love to you all for supporting me on this novel journey. I look at what it means. Beyond all the readers I can reach (such an honor and thrill!) the bigger message keeps flowing, feisty and undeniable as a Mississippi current: dreams come true.

Are you ready to run the rivers with Hailey, Robin and Trish? Let’s do this.


One thought on “Cut to the Chase: Novel Coming Out June 28

  1. So excited following this journey with you Cyn since you could learn to write, you have been sharing your imagery in words. Delighted for available date and ready to order. Love and Hugs

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